Ninja Stars

He sat on the big chair with his legs folded and tucked underneath him, little hands adeptly working with bits of ripped paper. His brow furrowed as he concentrated on formulating the words and letters I was testing him on. Barely looking up, his eyes trained on the page in front of him, he continued to tenderly care for his little craft beneath the edge of the desk he leaned against. Upon finishing the page, I leaned over to peek at his work and seeing my interest he said eagerly, eyes shining,  “It’s going to be a ninja star.”

He went back to his seat eventually, and at the end of the class when I had just finished testing the last student, I felt something brush against my elbow.

I found that my little friend had slid the completed star across the table, with his name fondly scrawled across it.  ~

This boy has always been labeled as a disruptive, hyper and rebellious student in the class, with teachers always responding to his little hiccups as reasons to punish him, and unfortunately to shout. After working with him for this while, bending down and looking into his little face after mishaps, and episodes of stubbornness…I think today, I may have won this little guy’s heart❤️Processed with MOLDIV

Sunshine Blogger Award

Many thanks to @ChasingSakina for nominating this blog for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ ! I appreciate it, Jazakillahu Khairan ❤   Please do go check out her wonderful writing 🙂

The Rules:

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1) What are some of your goals for this month?

Getting closer to the Creator, thinking this much more and talking that much less, meeting new people outside of my normal sphere, studying, and beginning to work on a very special project 🙂

2) What inspires you?

Passionate people. One of the most moving things is to witness a person love something so much that it drives them to work like never before to fulfill it. They carry a sparkle in their eyes, fervor in their actions and purpose in their speech. Their passion affects anyone who graces them with their company…its a nice thing to have rub off on you 🙂

3) Who was the last person you hugged?

My mom 🙂

4) What are some of your favourite quotes?

The answer of this question is ever changing! And because of this I’ll just give one of my recent favorites…but it does come with a wonderfully long story 🙂

In the story of Musa (a), when the Pharaoh had announced his intention of killing the Prophet, to his advisers, and they were mutually plotting his death, a man of the Pharaoh’s courts and family stood up in a timeless moment of bravery, exposing his own hidden faith and challenging the tyrant with these words : ” Are you going to kill a man just because he says: “Allah is my Lord!”  He proceeded to stun the array of royalty subservient to the Pharaoh, in an account recorded in the Quran in Surah Al Ghafir.

Generations later, when he was Khalifah, Ali (r) asked: “Who is the bravest of men?” . They said : ” You are.” He replied, ” I have never dueled anyone and lost, but the bravest man is Abu Bakr.” Then he recounted a story that took place when the Muslims were being persecuted by the Quraish, and the Prophet Muhammad (saw) had been attacked by a man in the heat of his anger. No one dared or had the courage to defend him against his aggressor. The man viciously threatened the blessed Prophet and he seemed on the brinks of a painful death, when through the onlooking crowds pushed a lone figure. He approached the man who held the Prophet and painfully asked, in front of the stunned crowd, quoting the Ayah of the Quran : “Are you going to kill a man just because he says: “Allah is my Lord!”  ? {Surah Ghafir, Ayah 28} 

 Then Ali asked: “Who is better Abu Bakr or the believer of the family of Pharaoh? ” The people remained quite. He said: “Why don’t you answer? In the name of Allah, one moment in the life of Abu Bakr is greater than the entire earth full of the likes of the believer of the family of Pharaoh! The believer of the family of Pharaoh was a man who concealed his faith while Abu Bakr was a man who proclaimed his faith.”

I love this quote or perhaps more so, the entire story, because it displays the virtue of being the one who speaks up against injustice, even if you are just that, one. Indeed, both men faced massive opposition in the path of combating injustice, and the choice of silence was always easier. They risked their all for the prevalence of justice, a principle that if we had even a bit of, would go a long way in making this world a better place 🙂

5) What colour comes to mind when you think of peace and why? 

Blue! The sky and the sea are the two elements between we are placed, and their default is always so serene and calming. The vast expanses fill the onlooker with an indescribable feeling of contentment, which is what I think of as peaceful.

6) What are three of your favourite books or TV shows?

I love anything classical 😛 King Arthur, Little Women, Robin Hood…I must confess though, the list goes far beyond these three. They were just the most significant ones that came to thought at the moment 😛

7) What are you grateful for right now?

As I write this, I can look out my window into a full mooned, yet dark sky…and I wonder about those who don’t see its radiance through a pane, rather who will sleep with nothing to cover them tonight. Exposed. Scared. I’m grateful at for the enormous blessing of safety and comfort and the privilege of not knowing real fear.

8) What adds meaning to your life?

Thought. Without it you wouldn’t be able to acknowledge life’s beauties and understand its challenges. Thought adds meaning to everything.

9) What are your pet-peeves?

This is going to be interesting! I simply abhor it when I can hear people chewing or doing anything vaguely gross with regards to their digestive tract. And on a completely different note, I don’t like small talk. It drives me crazy when both parties know that what they’re engaging in is completely superficial and all in the name of formalities. It would be a lot more human if we just said what we meant just a bit more, lol 🙂

10) What do your admire about your parents?

I admire their willingness to sacrifice so many unimaginable things for the sake of a lifestyle and cause they believe in. They’ve had certain priorities set for their children that they were willing to pursue in anyway, shape or form. Even if it meant literally moving to a different place because of it. Jazahumullahu Ahsan al Jaza’a

11) What do you love about the area that you live?

The community spirit is very strong! People are always very supportive and caring for their fellow neighbors and community members. There is always a network in place to take care of people if they fall sick, who are elderly, or just generally if you need help. You always feel cared for and part of a bigger family of kindred spirits 🙂

P.S. I loved answering these questions! ~


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(I am having trouble nominating eleven blogs, but if you’ve virtually interacted with me recently, I nominate you!) 

Here are my questions for the nominees!

  1. Who are you? If you have introduce yourself without the expectations and confines of people, (egs. careers, positions, jobs) what would you want a person to know you as?

2.  Describe a couple of small instances in life that make you genuinely happy 🙂

3.  What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail? Would it be the same without            the challenge?

4.  What makes the people you look up to special?

5. If you had the opportunity to address the entire world for 1 minute what would you                say?

6. What is some integral part of your daily routine that without it, feels incomplete?

7.  What is a special memory you have of your childhood?

8.  What is something you love to do?

9.  What is the best thing you’ve read in the past month?

10. If you could meet anyone from the past, who would it be and why?

11. Where would you like to travel to and why?


And a final note to anyone who has kindly nominated me for things in the past, I apologize for not getting around to doing so!


The flattery we bestow upon on another is given as though we regard one another as specimens of achieved perfection, epitomes. Fruits at an eternal peak of ripeness, flowers infinitely fixated in blooming glory…we forget whatever manifestation of good we behold is a process, not a product. A process of battle between petty whims and higher aspirations, between self and soul. A process that never fully abolishes the notion of evil inclinations, rather allows the will to oft preside over it with good. That’s what we see.

In your pursuit of appeasing someones lower self with flattery, perhaps in genuine honesty or not, remember not to undermine the struggles they have endured with their own self to achieve this stability…you suffer them a blow, the wound of which allows many an inkling of arrogance to seep through. You wouldn’t want your words to be the inflation of an ego tamed, and an abstinence broken. ~

A scholar once remarked, upon hearing a Hadith of the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) regarding the dislike of praising a person to their face :

“….praise and commendation of a person (to their face) is disliked, for very rarely is the one who praises safe from a lie which he says whilst praising him, and very rarely is the one who is praised saved from the amazement which enters him.”

From Superman, With Love

Processed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIVProcessed with MOLDIV


Tacked to the ramp with a couple nails, a handwritten message, a quote, flaps in the bone chilling wind next to the four shiny superhero capes that flank it. A message of love and unity anonymously left at a mosque, and fondly signed ‘Superman’. It reads :

“Dreams save us,

Dreams lift us up and transform us.

Until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice becomes the reality we all share, 

I’ll never stop fighting, ever.”

– Superman


Thank you to whoever left this, and reminded us of the quote. The world needs more ordinary superheroes like you ❤

Just Ask

Leaning back into the chair once again, I continued scribbling notes on my lovingly fingered blue notepad as the awards drawled on. Organizations of great merit, people of great actions, communities of great spirit…on and on.

I had managed to break the monotony of the announcements with some enthusiastic conversation with my neighbor in the chair to my right. She was a middle age woman, of Christian background, with perfectly peppered grey and white hair and pair of dark brown spectacles perched at the edge of her nose. We talked of books and travel, schooling and languages, diversity and tolerance, and of course how she wound about coming to this event celebrating Muslim achievement in the nation. She asked me about my background, and studies and everything in between; and I the same. And oh, how we became fast friends in that hour of conversation!

And round about the time I had turned my attention back to my notes and her, contemplatively back to the stage, I sensed her turning her head towards me. Then very gently she said, almost tentatively, “And one more thing, you seem like a very friendly person so may I ask, why do you wear that on your face?”.

And under that, I smiled, because it’s sincere curiosity like hers that makes the world go round. I really do appreciate, that instead of shy glances and awkward conversations, when people just genuinely ask. Because, I really would love to tell you why. And that’s exactly what I said❤️

Street Corner Majlis

Tottering at the edge of his two big toes, the sandal swung dangerously close to falling off of it’s owners dangling limb. Meanwhile, quite regally intact, the rest of the man’s body lay generously sprawled on the tattered red and brown majlis. His right arm was propped up on a hard cushion with a a clear finjan of freshly – poured, steaming shai enclosed in his thin fingers. I could still see the frothy white bubbles surfacing at the top of the dark brown liquid. The other hand, resting on his hip held a not as delectable of an article, a grey cigarettes stub of a thing, which he raised to his darkened lips between slurps from his cup and cackles between his other lazing comrades.

In the middle of the junction of sofas was a small brown table, with a badly peeling varnish that revealed an ugly tan wood underneath its once glossy covering. Draped along one edge was some semblance of a shemagh and atop that, an array of old black and blue Motorola and Nokia phones. A skinny cat of fur colour quite the semblance of old dish water, sat scrunched beneath the tassels hanging from the cloth above, tickling her fur and causing her to twitch spasmodically in relative annoyance. As I rushed passed this calm scene, my clothes rustled , awakening her from her reverie and bestowing me with a mean glare from her squinted eyes. I replied to the mumbled salam that had been offered and clutching my armload of books towards me I slipped away from the timeless scene. I didn’t have time to study annoyed cats and lazy tea sippers; in the next building my math class awaited. 🙂