Islamic Books for Inmates

IMG_1372(So this has nothing to do with my writing, but it’s a project I’m working on through Darussalaam, and thought to share it here in case anyone wanted to seize the opportunity and deemed a worthy cause to give to! This was originally posted on my instagram : khadija.o.smith , so if you have any questions about the process, organization, funds, don’t hesitate to contact me! )


‘For years, volunteers at the Darussalaam Da’wah office have been receiving hundreds of heartfelt, handwritten letters, such as the one above, from prison inmates across the United States. Each letter has the marks of hope and longing etched into its words, each attempting to convey a single request. And that request is for books.
Any random books? – you may ask. Very specifically noted within so many letters are requests for *Islamic* book titles covering a variety of subject material – from Wudu and Salah basics to interfaith dialogue and Fiqh – our incarcerated brothers and sisters are in dire need of our assistance in gaining access to the knowledge they deserve.
And at Darussalam, we are trying our utmost to provide them with that, but there are expenses involved with buying new, diversified material and shipping it to different prisons, so I ask you to help us. Help us bring just that much more solace and comfort to someone who is alone, help them get that much closer to their Creator.
As the last ten days of this blessed month of Ramadan dawn upon us, signaling the closure of yet another golden opportunity for forgiveness and gaining His pleasure, I hope you will take this opportunity to give for His sake, with the perspective that these people who will receive your help, were sent your way, not for you to bestow a favor on them, rather for them to help you gain the glad tidings of mercy from Allah for showing mercy to others ❤️ Jazakumullahu Khairan in advance, for the support I know you will give to this cause, and may Allah cause your donation, however much it may be, to weigh hefty on your scales on the Day of Judgement. Ameen.
To donate, please visit : (The link is in my profile as well)
And please don’t hesitate to message me with any questions or thoughts you may have, inshaAllah!
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Ravaging Silence

Sometimes I had wished that everyone could voice their thoughts and feelings and let people know how they felt; but then I realized that the creation of some thoughts themselves are formed by what’s not said…not expressed.


Reaching forward I readied myself for the piercing of thorns,
thunderous fury and tender flesh asunder,
Yet when I neared the thing, I felt embrace my fingertips the sensitive caress of pain, turmoil;
no monster, just a heart slain upon the altar of sorrow.




Musty rubble,

burning as dusky flavors of love,

and the ebbing of subtle passions –

of memories long buried,

and a maternal hug faraway. ~

(If you’ve ever breathed in a waft of this heavenly scent burning, you know how one can be buried in the depths of it’s intricacies. Such a subtle smell that reminds you of earthy things and good times…purely heartwarming it is.✨)