Time|A Testimony

An ancient man wizened and frail,
white beard trailing behind him,
bushy eyebrows shading crinkled half-shut eyelids,
bony gnarled hands with bulging veins under thin skin,
gripping onto a bent cane with surprising strength.
Old, but firm.
“Grandfather, you’ve seen many generations and nations pass , are we better than those before us?”a young youth questions.

“Son, I have been made a witness by God about man. For two things…If a person loses something of this world(wealth,power,health) he will always be able to gain it back. But there is one thing that God has made irredeemable to the human being. No matter who you are, rich or poor, powerful or weak, healthy or sick, boy or girl, you will never, ever be able to get back the last minute it took to say this sentence. When 10:00 today is gone, never again will there be such a thing.” said the old man.
“Therefore man is always at loss, of time. The second is that I have been a testification, over generations of people, the same problems and mistakes has been repeated over and over again. When? When people will begin to ponder on the blunders of their ancestors and struggle to change, I do not know. But until God makes time cease, I will still be ticking away, till the End of Time, The Day of Judgement.” he said thoughtfully.
On the top of a rocky mountain, the two stood. A gentle breeze lifted the old man’s cloak, and he gave a slight shiver. The boy dropped to his knee, as the wind started to whip around them. A cloud covered the dim sun, and a hint of an oncoming storm flew about in the misty air.
The boy wondered aloud, “I appreciate your words of wisdom, but if I may ask, who are You?”
The wind got stronger and stronger, a light drizzle began to fall from the dreary sky. The mist between the man and the boy, grew thicker. The boy could only see a faint outline of the old man. A bolt of lightning flashed across the sky.
“I am, Time.” it said, then quietly seeped into the swirls of mist.
Thunder rolled, the boy slipped on the rubble underfoot, it began to pour. Then all was black…..



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