The Confidant

What if…just what if, I were to tell you, there was some being,that knew every single thing about you. From the moment you breathed your first, entering this world, till your last, He knew. He watched you,always in His gaze, every mistake and every blunder you made. He has put you in the position you are today, and the place you will be tomorrow. He knows what lies in the depths of our hearts, every feeling…every happiness, every sorrow, every pain and anger, every joy. Every soul acknowledged Him as their Creator. But He was not a Creator that you only found in a place of worship at a certain time or gathering, where He was glorified. He is with you, wherever you are. No matter who you may be, no matter what sins you may have committed, He is known as the Ever-Merciful. The key to his door lies within you. He is your confidant. The only one who is known as the Provider, the Generous, the Just, the Wise and Loving One. The Majestic, the Guide, the Giver of Life. The Owner of all Dominion, and The Only One Worthy of Worship, Allah.

I implore us to stop whatever we are doing in this busy life of ours, and take a step back. Why are we here? Have we really truly opened our eyes and taken a look at what has happened to our world? The time for theological debate over intricate religious matters is over! We need to turn back to our roots, together, as a human nation, back to our Master. An enslavement only to the Most Gentle, emancipating us from every other shackle of this world. We aren’t going to be here forever, have we really pondered upon the prospect of death? The covered reality that speeds in our shadows, nipping at our heels. When the appointed time comes no-one will be able to reverse it. Are we ready?

Let us turn to our Creator, and ask him to soften our hearts. Prostrate to Him, with sincere tears of repentance, the pearls of the Hereafter. Implore Him, to guide us, showering us with mercy. We are in dire need of it…and if we don’t go back to our submission to God, no matter how hard people try, their money, position or whatever wordly desire that keeps them chained, will only delude them more and more, causing them to slowly veer from the straight path. It’s then, where the crossroads take place. Where the fight between good and evil takes place. It seems as though  the ‘human’ in humanity is rapidly vanishing. Ethics are something that are being changed by the year. What was disgusting yesterday, is the new fad today. What are we going to do?

I can only try to bring goodness, love, tolerance, and peace, to those in my vicinity. Not the type that is discussed in formal conferences, about the dictionary definitions, but through real life actions. And through working like this, together, we can make this world a better place, it needs you and me.

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