It started with a Grade…

Scanning the crisp yellow paper, that holds your “claimed” success in life, you parade through all the A’s, saunter through a B, and that’s it. Wait, to think your intelligence and possibilities in life can be determined by a letter printed on a piece of flattened tree, is outrageous! But unfortunately, this ingenious system of education , is rapidly taking over a greater part of the world.

It’s an economic process of efficiently destroying young people, on the inside and outside. Children, these highly impressionable, unique, individual human beings with such zeal and determination to learn things, are sent through a cookie cutter system, that completely dumbs down their capabilities. Turning them into IPad – happy zombies.

Youth have naturally placed, God – given, talents and skills that should be allowed to flourish in the world. There is no one size fits all, in the context of growing into a complete and whole human being.

How can you place any sane person, in a cement box, sitting in hard plastic chairs, complete with fluorescent lights shining in your face, and an all time, lingering scent of Lysol, for 7 to 8 hours a day?

Lunch and recess time, you say? Your herded into large halls with an array of military style benches as far as an eye can see, a ‘state of the art’ facility, for the purpose of drinking Sunny-D bottles, that have ingredients that cause hard core cancer, partnered with chicken flavored cup noodles, that have been on a dusty warehouse for approximately 2 – 3 years, before being handsomely delivered to the starving stomachs of kids, who didn’t have breakfast that morning…and then we talk about child obesity and other issues. But that’s for another time.

Actually, about the classroom, research shows that sitting for long periods of time actually, very effectively shortens your life span, plummeting the low-mortality rates even higher. But…

Coming back to the schedule, though, you go outside for recess to listen to deafening moans and groans about homework loads from high schoolers and the whimpering of elementary kids on the topic of bullying.

Just that, in of itself for 365 days (including the the 2 to 3 months of summer breaks you spend talking to so called ‘friends’ about how you dread that back to school night…) can be a significant cause for the phenomenal ‘diagnosed depression’ that is sweeping our nation…on second thought, I should add the ‘s’ in nations.

Not to mention the dreadful, terrible, disgusting filth and trash (aka. the usual run of the mill happenings in the society)  that so easily rolls off the tongues of youngsters; a total corrupt breakdown of once pure, serene souls and hearts.

Hmm…let’s take a short break from this ‘school day’ and take a look at our inventory. So far, we have a couple thousand wrecks of young adults, that actually completed high school, and went on to successfully…fall in with the swing of things, and find their (sometimes, sadly not so nice ) place in society.  And the rest are full-time, dropouts. We have to face reality, that’s the cream of the crop in some areas.

Obviously, something along the line, didn’t exactly work out, (well in this case there are a couple factors).

Academics: Let’s start with a simple math problem 🙂

Books + pencil = Education…right? Let’s take a closer look at that. The process of learning, can essentially be any moment in  time that someone learns something new. It could be a baby discovering a flower, to a grandpa learning how to cook something new! Who exactly, establishes the boundary of pencil to paper as the only possible way to learn. Of course, I, by no means am denying the essence of a true book in any way, (I am a passionate lover of words myself), the message I want to convey, is that we should broaden the scope, and possibilities for kids (and adults for that matter) to learn in a more natural way.

Facilities: School buildings vary in every possible way…but I feel that every building should have some little things that really make teaching and learning experiences much better. Some things are, natural lighting, , ventilation of air from the outside, less use of chemicals, (in air, cleaning etc.),more gentle and natural decor in classrooms and just space! Sometimes, if surroundings and weather permit,even a class outside really opens up students minds and may even make teaching more effective! Just rotating the scenery will greatly decrease everyone’s zombie – like attitude!

Teachers:   One of the key pillars in any persons success, period. A caring and compassionate teacher who is hard working, and doesn’t just teach for a paycheck, is ideal. They can do wonders to even the most stubborn of students. They can become mentors, people who students unconditionally love and respect. The crucial thing is that every teacher have high standards of every student, and keep the learning as interactive, creative, and unique to the students as they possibly can. Soon, students will discover the new idea of trying to make the teacher happy and exceeding their expectations!

Resources: This can include monetary support for the school, learning utensils, and even student health. After all, if a child is sickly the chances of their focus on education, is very limited. In general, a school should have sufficient means to fulfill basic needs of all students and staff, in the present and near future!

Family:  This is where everything starts. So I chose to put it at the end.

Your family is the most precious stronghold, you could ever be blessed to have. After all the learning starts with  your family and in your home. Everything that is taught to a person has to be reinforced at the home for it to really impact anyone. Also, a different type of learning takes place there. You grow your character, and morals, ethics…things that are much more important than a PHD. certificate, what really matters.

Cherish your family, they have helped you be who you are!

A side note: It will take a lot, to change an entire system of  education. But it urgently needs to happen. We can’t go on in the current way we are. But in the mean time, I would greatly urge you to look into the prospects of homeschooling. Look at it without any previous misconceptions at hand. Maybe even try to connect with some kids and parents of homeschoolers. You’ll see something different in them. Just watch! I personally love it. It’s made me, me. Alhamdulilllah (Praise and Graditude to Allah!)

Just in case your wondering, many of my family members have been in the teaching field (experience with), be it in a Public school, Private, Religious, Montessori, and at Home!

Happy Learning!

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