New Chapters

Head thrust back, eyes focused intently on a goal.

Blue scarf twinkling in the spotlight of bright lights,

My seat is draped in accents of white and gold, silk.

Gazing down at palms, clammy with sweat,

Hearing noises, near and far,

My name is called, my self is summoned.

My feet are numbed and my eyes blurred.

With glistening eyes, bright with tears, I meet her eyes with confidence.

Pride and love, hers alone.

It ripples through the room, density amassing.

I rise to the call, gracefully sliding across.

In my hand lands a stiff golden edged paper,

And two blooming roses are given to me.

I hear my voice, soft but clear,

‘Distinct’ she says,

No one can copy it.

Wispy words I had written while remembering everything they have done for me.

Mothers eyes are wet, all dreaming of their own,

But these words are only for one, mine.

Later, I will see …moments of roses, cupcakes with vanilla frosting,

My name written on them in chocolate writing. Hugs, and kisses and salty tears.

But now, no right now, it’s just for me, and her.

The pride in her eyes is evident, she knows the sacrifices she’s made in her life are prevalent.

The word she hears, she believes, but hearing it clear and true, only assures her, my gratitude.

Tears fall from blessed eyes, that have seen so much of me.

Memories waft through nooks and crannies.

People talk, laugh and cry. Hugging, kissing, congratulating.

But right now, it’s just me and her.

Eyes locked, in a trance like fondness.

The love I see, can drive me to Everest and back,

‘For this education you see, is not a goal in itself, but a means to something bigger.’ she says.

As I hand her the roses, a part of my graduation dedication, I know,

That so long as she looks at me like that, and even when she can’t,

I’ll be driving up that mountain, pursuing that goal, cause…

I love my mom.

(Dear Readers, some of what I wrote today, might not exactly make sense. I write on impulse and emotion, so this is one of those sentimental times, and pieces where you can’t really put your finger on one specific idea. So,it’s up to you to decide 🙂

5 thoughts on “New Chapters

    • Thank you so much❤️ It’s really amazing that you commented on this tonight, subhanaAllah, because all of my stress today was about studies! And your message directed me to this post that I had written a while back, and it really helped me renew my drive, so I really appreciate that🌺 May you have a wonderful week ahead of you, inshaAllah…you are in my prayers💖

      • Awe!!! So sweet of you my dear. I too think of my Mom(though I’m a mom to kids of your age) when stressed or depressed… longing for her warmth and Hug. It really keeps me going.
        May Allah ease out your stress and make you succeed in all endeavours. Jazakkallah!!!! Pls do coz I’m too is an anxious Mother oceans apart awaiting till Kids graduate.All the best💗💗💗

        • Thank you so much for your thoughtful wishes and Duaa’s ❤️ I can really relate to that, subhanaAllah…May Allah preserve all of our parents for us, and grant us their pleasure and obedience! I definitely will💖 May Allah return your children home safely to you, and make them happy and content with their future careers and paths, and the coolness of their parents’ eyes🙏They’re blessed to have a wonderful mother like you😊

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