When Hello, Means Goodbye

The baby you’ve held for months, never will be able to breathe its first breath in this world. Allah had better plans for her.

Her small body was delicate and fragile. With perfect features, and a formed intricate system . But God had something else in mind.

Doctors warned you that you’d lose her. Scaring you with frightful x-rays and sonograms. Betraying you with news of broken hearts and deficiencies, that broke your heart.

‘Kill her.’ they said, greedily hoping for more procedures and medical exams. But you stayed strong.

Little did they know the abode that waited for you, her mother if you waited, patiently waited. God had better plans for you and her.

The small twinge of pain you felt that morning, lasted and you went to see the doctors.

By nightfall, she had come and gone. The little daughter that you hoped and prayed for, that everyone so longingly waited for, never came. Her arrival became the means for her departure. That night you wept, and her father wept. But God had better plans for you both, and her. He had better things to compensate your tears with. Your blood, sweat, and sacrifice. Your tears.

From then you concealed your sorrow only to God. You brought that smile back on your face, even when you sat in unimaginable pain as you witnessed the small, white casket with your daughter’s body, being carried out.

But God had better plans for you all.

As I hold your frail hand, weak from enduring the agonies of death inside of you, all I can remind you, is that we plan, and God plans, and God is the best of planners. Though even I know, from the determined look in your eye, I didn’t need to remind you.

You’ve assured your key to paradise, by sacrificing her in patience , insha’allah. She’s the white bird in Jannah that will carry you upon her wings. God had better plans for you and her. He must love you very much, because He gave you a golden key to a door like no other.

And I as I watch you gently close the eyes that will never be able to gaze back into the ones that watched over her so lovingly, I know that this Hello, really meant Goodbye.

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