A Tribute

Oh son of humanity,

Has your father forsaken you?

Left you to drown in the clutches of a world that was deaf to your cries?

And as the salty hands of the sea gripped your innocent body,

Robbing you of life,

I know by God, we have failed you!

For we turned a deaf ear to every cry,

A blind eye to every tear,

Our hearts were cold and constricted,

Void of every feeling.

As for the people of conscience,

Their numbers amounted to few,

It wasn’t enough.

Because despite their actions, they found you lying upon that lonely shore.

Oh son of humanity!

We have failed you, and everyone who you stand for.

But Oh Allah! The most Merciful, Compassionate, Just and the Hearer of all cries,

Just give us the strength to try.

Oh Allah, this same Humanity asks of you,

That with that same infinite Mercy and Compassion, Justice,

You lay the Son of Humanity,

3 year old Aylan Kurdi and his family in Jannatul Firdous Al A’laa (The Highest Level of Paradise).


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