Story Snippets #1: The Medical Examiner

The medical examiner walked out of the examination room. His scrubs were smudged with a dark substance, the origins of which we didn’t want to know. With his rimless glasses perched upon the edge of his bony nose, he began to listlessly read through a yellow paper. Apparently, it was his official verdict.

” I, Simon Rutherford, declare that the death of Dennis Campbell was as a result of an assault. Upon the testimony of his autopsy, evidence shows that he was strangled, which led to his loss of oxygen, proving to evidently be fatal.”

At the end of his ‘sermon’ he peered over at us and asked mechanically, “Any questions?”. Seeing our glum expressions, he creakily stood up and handed Mum the paper, accompanied with a mumble about some paperwork that needed to be completed. Then, with a fake smile exposing his bleached teeth, he gave a little nod and disappeared down the hallway.

And that was that….

2 thoughts on “Story Snippets #1: The Medical Examiner

  1. Seriously, Khadijah, you gotta write a novel. 🙂 Do you have this app called Wattpad? You can publish stories for free and read other people’s stories. It’s kind of like Facebook for stories. I think you’d like it.

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