I wear glasses…in the dark.

Yup, you read it right. I have this insanely weird obsession. You see, I wear contacts normally. But every single night after I’ve washed up, prayed, taken my contacts out… the usual routine, I find myself aimlessly groping about my dresser, in the pitch black darkness of my room : looking for my glasses. Why?

Though this may be taken as overly philosophizing a simple habit, I feel as though it stems from the innate character of humans to rely on a more knowledgeable being . When we are posed with an environment that yields us helpless in certain aspects, we inevitably feel exposed and vulnerable. In the simple case of me and my glasses, you could say that just because of the knowledge of my lack of visual ability, I turned towards a greater being, per say, or my glasses, for reassurance even if it may have been in complete darkness.

Likewise, humans, when at times are place in utter darkness, need to be able to turn to that one greater, all knowledgeable entity, that through any grim period can prove to be the reassurance of a person. In part, like my glasses; except that the insight and reassurance of one all knowledgeable being, far surpasses that of any man-made mechanism, in that it has the power to actually change the environment.

When I put that pair of glasses on in the dark, it is scientifically impossible for the lenses (assuming they are just correcting my vision) to generate a source of light or capability to see, beyond that of its engineered limitations. Yet,when a human being puts their trust in someone ALL knowledgeable (implying that they have no limitations, in any realm, whatsoever) then they have the power to actually see in the dark with those “glasses”.

That’s the power of belief in God. Belief, and trust and reliance. Truly anything is possible.

“Now where did I put those glasses…?” *gropes around near bed


*The comparison between my trust on a lens, can be reciprocated to any other full reliance on mans’ intellect. From reliance upon science to explain our coming into being, to philosophy…after all, wasn’t the Titanic “unsinkable” ?

4 thoughts on “I wear glasses…in the dark.

  1. I wear glasses in the dark….
    And in the light to, and at every waking moment, from the time my eyes open for Fajr! Except when I wear contacts.

    Love the moral you placed behind it.

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