Story Snippet #4: Nights…

The rocking chair creaked back and forth over the polished old wooden floor. A purple satin dress brushed against an empty crib, in the corner of the room. But the baby who was meant to be in it was nestled deep into the folds of her mother’s clothes, her tiny hands grasping her mother’s tightly.  The young woman’s face bent low over the small, warm body laying in her arms. Her thick brown curls cascaded downwards, wreathing her rosy face as the moonlight shone upon the two heads, casting a shadow over the newborn’s body.

Little gasps escaped its pink mouth and over the ticking minutes, ebbed into deep, rhythmic breaths as the baby slowly surrendered to the clutches of her nightly torment; sleep. Beads of sweat dotted her forehead, pooling into a crease of worry that had frozen on her delicate face. Exhaustion waved upon her as the heavy eyelids slowly drooped, draping a cover over her vast hazel eyes, as the last tears of defeat ebbed their way out, dampening her heavy lashes for the last time.



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