Oh my friend…

Recently I happened upon a post written by a former political prisoner. A letter addressed to his still- detained father…one that is bittersweet, full of love and longing, hope.

Pray for every lover who is unjustly separated from their beloved, be they fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands, wives. Indeed it is a difficult trial that makes silent tears a partner for every heart that is longing…


ىا صاحبى خذ للحبىب رسالتى

فعسى ان ىري بىن السطور الادمعاء

بلغه أنى فى الحنان متىم

القلب من حر الفراق تصدعا

Oh friend, carry my message to my beloved,

Perhaps in between the lines the tears he will see,

Tell him that I am lovelorn,

The heart fissures as the longing dwells.

~ Mohamed Soltan

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