Makkah & A Letter to You

This is a photo-journal of my last visit to Makkah, before I depart from my beloved home.

Sometimes I can’t  begin to understand how I can bear to leave this land…for the past couple of days I have attempted to write, but sadly it has merely resulted in more unfinished drafts on my WordPress dashboard. Every time I begin, my heart is snared upon the looming reality that I will be leaving soon, and though my mind grudgingly accepts that, it is my heart that enables me to pen these feelings, and it is my heart that was unwilling to allow me to express them in a way to be understood.

So, dear reader, this time I decided to allow a couple of pictures from the most beautiful of places, speak for themselves.

Enjoy, and let me know, have you ever been torn between two things so dear to your heart? People, experiences, or in my case right now, places?!



Camels against the silhouette of the Meccan hills


Monument of the watering flasks used to serve Zamzam to the guests of the Haram


The Ka’abah, in all its splendor


Beautiful arches, for as far as the eye can see


Night has blanketed this blessed sanctuary


Golden shelves…


Holding priceless revelation


An open door




The view through a grail


May He preserve the sanctity and peace of the three holy Mosques, and answer the prayers of the devoted who have visited them, and those who long to. May He give strength to the courageous and persevering caretakers of His house, and may He reunite this writer with her first home again. Ameen!



22 thoughts on “Makkah & A Letter to You

    • Oh subhanaAllah💞 I know doing Tawaf al Wida’ah is a bittersweet farewell, especially when you don’t know the next time you will be reunited with that blessed sanctuary…May Allah accept your Hajj, and make the sincerity of your performance in it, a witness for you on the Day of Judgment.

    • Aww, I’m glad you liked it! My parents would take me there as a baby, to let me “run loose” in the Masjid and efficiently drain my crazy toddler energy…many a nights I found myself fast asleep on those floors as well🙈
      May Allah accept your Hajj and grant us all that blessed opportunity! Your comment put a smile on my face😄

  1. Thanks for the post! I am constantly torn between my muslim and my finnish identity. I belong nowhere, a stranger, foreigner, even I am living in the country I am born and my family has been living for centuries… But I guess this is a good thing, since this world is only temporary.
    Barakallahu fiikum beautiful pics!

    • I’m glad you liked it! Being from a mixed background and growing up in America, yet finding solace in a home so far away, I can relate too well to that feeling of sometimes being a stranger in a land seemingly so familiar. But like you said, this world is only temporary and the attachments we have, do come and go. May Allah allow us to appreciate and take the good from each part of our identities, cultures, and homelands…Ameen! Thank you so much for sharing this, and I pray that through this beautiful religion you are able to overcome all boundaries with regards to feeling different…because remember, you’re not alone💖

  2. Hi – I’m new to WordPress. I put in #religion on the search bar and found your post. Just wanted to say that I can presently relate to being torn between two places: my home, where my family & oldest friends are, and a more recent place that symbolizes growing and adventuring for me. God bless you in your decision and the results.

    • Firstly, welcome to this new sphere! Thank you so much for sharing your feedback…I pray that you find the strength and solace in yourself to be able to keep your old place close and dear to heart, all the while progressing in your new environment. I can relate too well, that being separated from your ‘first’ home isn’t an easy thing to let go of….but with time, you become attached to each and every place where there are good memories, people you love, and positive experiences😊 Good luck!

    • So do I❤️
      And being born there and living there, and now leaving close family there, doesn’t help….it’s just the perfect recipe for homesickness😭 Thank you so much for sharing💖

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