Random Thoughts

imageBack to green trees and blue skies,

I take a whiff of crisp morning air,

It’s zesty woody scent clears my lungs,

Drops of morning dew gently wash my bare feet,

As they disappear beneath the layers of springy grass,

The top of their stems just grazing the glistening silver anklet dangling its charms,

A squirrel perches on a fence,

A fawns big eyes peer at me from beneath a bush,

The birds are chirping, singing a mutual chorus like none other,

My moms voice floats through the open window,

I hear my sisters kick a ball,

Someone has fired up the grill, the smokey ash waters my eyes,

I spot the sleek black form of my bike leaning against the side of the house,

I think my dad and I’ll take a spin on it, tonight.

Alhamdulillah, we’re finally back home.

(Sigh, you’re probably wondering how many places this silly person calls, “home” :P)

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