The Path of Tears: Muhammad Al Muqit

سبيلُ الدّموعِ سبيلٌ مريحْ ، تنهّد أيا صاحِ كي تستريحْ
وبُثّ الدّعاءَ الخفيَّ الصّريحْ ، يسعْكَ الفضاءُ الرَّحيبُ الفسيحْ

فَبِاللهِ كَمْ تستطبُّ القُروحْ ، ويبرأُ جُرحُ الكَسيرِ الجريحْ
وينشطُ ذاكَ السّقيمُ العَلِيلْ ، وقد كانَ بالسُّقم دهرٌ طريحْ
تقالُ العِثارُ العِظامُ بهِ ، ويغدو الهوا كَكبشٍ ذبيحْ
بِذكر الإلهِ تطيبُ الحياة ، تُسرُّ أساريرَ وجهٍ صبيحْ

تنحّ أيا حزنُ واهجُر فؤاداً ، توكّل بِجدٍّ بعزمٍ فصيحْ
فإنّي عَلِمتُ بأنّكَ نَجْوى ، ولبسُ خبيثٍ مضلٍّ قبيحْ
تبختر ترجّل بصوتٍ وخيلٍ ، فمالكَ في الأرضِ دربٌ صحيحْ
إلى الله عُدنا وبالله لُذنا ، ليُطْوى زمانٌ بئيسٌ شحيح

محمد المقىط ~

The path of tears is the way to comfort, sigh, my friend in order to gain relief,

And engage in private supplication, alone and emotional, the expanses of the universe will encompass your voice,

And by Allah, every wound has a healing, and the broken and wounded hearts recover,

And likewise, the sick and ill become vibrant and full of vigor, while they had been before, forever ridden in their sickness,

The greatest of sins are pardoned, and man’s desires become like a slaughtered offering,

With the constant remembrance of God, life is perfumed and made pleasant, the brightened glance of a radiant face will return once more,

Step aside oh Grief, and depart from my impassioned heart, rely with earnest and determination upon Allah,

For I know now that you converse in private whispers, and that you are an evil and wretched, misguiding covering,

Incite whoever you can with your voice and the assault of your horses, for you have no rightful way upon this earth,

To Allah we will return, and within His shelter we seek refuge, to bring to an end, an era of scarcity and harshness.

~ Muhammad Al Muqit

(Excuse me for the non-fluid nature of my translation, it just doesn’t do the original poem justice🙈)

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