Your Words…

imageOh! by the perfumer of tongues,

And the solace of sleepless eyes,

The dawn of a troubled mind,

And the refuge of a wandering spirit,

Healer of shattered hearts,

And companion in your woes,

What a magnificent constellation of Guidance lies within your words!

Like an ever resplendent star,

Leading the wayfaring scholar to the twilight shores of your expanses,

And even through the vast deserts of your knowledge,

Never quenching the eternal thirst for light,

Following any manifestation of Your Nur itself,

Through your Beloved’s words, you conveyed that, “…when a servant of mine comes to me walking, I come to him swiftly, running with speed…”,

So know Ya Allah, that I come to you walking slowly,

Painfully at times, never deserving of Your bounties,

Yet hoping, begging for Mercy all the same,

Sometimes crawling, always stumbling,

Trying hard to hold on to this Book that you have blessed me to have  etched into the canvases of my mind,

So please, oh Answerer of every Caller, like you have allowed its phonetics to be etched into my mind, let it be etched deep into the sinews of my heart,

Like an everlasting foundation to the mosaic of my existence,


Let it become the light of my eyes,

The governor of my actions,

The strength of my resolve,

My closest companion,

My intercessor before you, on the Day which there will be none,

The tranquility of my being,

The fragrance of my character,

The banner of my life,

The spring of my intentions,

The adornment of my words,

And the melody which always lingers in my ear,

The facilitator of your Pleasure and Mercy,

and my key to Paradise. Ameen!

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