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Covering the golden dish is a crown of dazzling majesty,

Embroidered in velvety rose,

And glossy threads of all kinds,

Inside the shade of its coned covering lay bracelets and jewels,

Adornments of all types,

Gold and silver, rubies and sapphire,

And tiny sweets hidden amongst them.

A porcelain hand embroidered with the entrancing designs of Henna and painted nails, holds the offering ever so carefully.

Entering into the bustling room, with fragrant aromas of feminine perfumes and cooked food mingling amongst each other, she places the gift in the center of the special raised table in the middle of the room.

The laughter and mirth of friends and family beckon her away, to the circle, where young girls beat the Duff and sing.

~Bride’s Gift~

(In response to this week’s photo challenge, Rare. I chose to take this picture, because it symbolises the preservation of beauty in culture and traditions which is slowly fading away, become a rarity which distinguishes the minorities who do treasure theirs from others. It’s a traditional Morrocan dish that is often used to hold the gifts of the bride, and in other less fancy forms, to hold food, etc. Replicas of this dish type are found in many other cultures as well 🙂 )

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