Six Tips on Self Defense

As the new school year has just started in this part of the world, and a lot of friends and loved ones are going off to college or high school for the first time on their own, I wanted to go out of my usual writing zone and share some tips and tricks on self defense that I find helpful and could prove useful in any uncomfortable and new environment. Especially to the women out there, hope this helps ❤

Tip #1 : Know your biggest weapon, your VOICE!🗣

Aside from all the cool punches, kicks and grappling techniques we learn in martial arts, every teacher never fails to remind the students that their biggest weapon is the strength and loudness of their voice. Think about it, even if your limbs are occupied in a confrontation, or if you feel someone approaching you at an uncomfortably close distance, a good yell in their face, such as “Back off!” or “Stop!” can really make the offender think twice about attacking you. It will also attract attention to your situation, which could potentially land you with some timely help. Lesson being, never keep quiet when someone violates you, once they’ve touched you, you are no longer the victim, they are👊🏻

Tip #2: Be aware of your surroundings.👀

As monotonous as this may sound, it is extremely crucial to always, always be vigilant and proactive. If you usually walk to and from school, catch a bus, or wait at a metro station, or are in any public space, make sure to always be alert. Survey the people near you, behind you, surroundings, and make sure that if you ever feel uncomfortable that you  DO something about it. This also includes not being on any devices, like your phone and headphones, because they really impair your senses. Many cases of people getting assaulted happen when they are preoccupied with a device and therefore unaware of potential dangers in their whereabouts. Sunglasses, phones, and headgear may look cool in the bustling downtown streets, but that’s a hefty price to pay if you’re safety is violated😬

Tip #3 : Heads Up📞

Before going out to any place alone, be it a grocery store, class or even a friends house, make sure you give a trusted family member or friend a notice on where you are headed and approximately what time you expect to be home. Alerting other people of this info, can allow them a time frame that if, God forbid, you don’t arrive around that time or aren’t where you said you would be, they know when it’s time to worry and contact people that can help. This info will be of great assistance also, to officials (in a worst case scenario) looking out for your safety and whereabouts.

Tip #4 : Don’t hand out your “property”🚫

ID cards, dates of birth and home addresses are just some of the vital information that you should keep very close and private. These pieces of information can be very useful to any illwilling soul trying to harm you, and therefore should not be passed out to any Tom, Dick and Harry, for obvious reasons. If such a case arises where someone in official government attire approaches you for the verification of your ID, DO NOT  hand it over until you verify their identity and authority to ask you for yours. It’s pretty easy to buy a police uniform off the internet, especially if you’re a con artist😔

Tip #5 : G.T.T.T.T.N.E🖐🏻

Groin, temples, throat, thighs, toes, nose and eyes. No, this is not a bizarre rendition of the “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song you learnt in nursery. This is, however some crucial spots on any persons body that are necessary to hit if you are being attacked.

The groin is an extremely sensitive region, especially in men, that when hit there, can pretty much incapacitate a person in pain. For example, if you are grabbed from behind from the neck or torso, chances are that even if your attacker is much larger than you, you will be able to throw a couple of backfists to the groin area between their legs, which will help loosen their grip.

The temples hold some major arteries and if are pressed hard enough, they can make a person pass out. Enough for you to get away and for them not to be injured.

The throat (neck) also is a very sensitive area. Like the temples, if it is pressed just right, you can put a person to sleep through the temporary blockage of an artery. If you’re in a less close contact situation you can create a ridge hand, by keeping all your fingers and palm as straight and stiff as possible, and then strike their neck just under the Adams Apple. It hurts.

Toes are another surprisingly sensitive area too. Ever had your foot stepped on accidentally? How much did it hurt? Triple that, and add several stomps with the bottom of your heel right on their toes. If your wearing shoes it’s even more to your advantage.

Though they are mostly fleshy, the inner thighs have a higher sensitivity to pain than other areas of the body. If you are caught in a position with access to them, remember aimless hitting won’t help…what will is gathering a small amount of skin between your fingers and pinching the inner thigh really hard.

If you are in a situation where you are held face to face with an attacker, remember the two sensitive areas you can strike at: the nose and eyes. When you hit the nose, keep your fingers bent in touching their base joints and extend your palm above the offenders mouth and under the tip of their nose. The base of your palm (where it meets your wrist) is a very hard area of your hand, and that should be what hits the nose. As for the eyes, you should curl your middle and forefingers out, while keeping the rest of your hand in a fist, then with both digits you poke into the eyes of the attacker.

Tip #6 : Aura🎉

Too many people, stooped down by the rut of work or school, walk around hunched and forlorn looking. Perfect targets.  Make eye contact with those who pass by you and have an upright prescence. Your aura exudes to those around you, so what kind they recieve is in your control. Stand straight, chin up, shoulders back. Walk like your strong and believe in yourself. If you do it enough, it will become a reality. You don’t have to be haughty, just confident👍🏻

And that concludes the six tips on self defence I wanted to share! On a more positive note, being aware and vigilant should not make you constantly worried or paranoid, because we believe that when we are in the protection of God nothing can harm us without His will. Self defence, is basically just the practice of some good common sense, vigilance, and the science of precaution.

In an incident with one of His companions regarding the safety of the man’s camel, the Prophet Muhammad (may God’s peace and blessings be upon him) said , “Tie your camel, and then put your Trust in Allah.”

Be aware, alert, and strong. Tie your camel. Know how to defend yourself and others, need the situation arise, and then leave the rest to Allah.

May each and every one of you be blessed with safety and security, happiness and peace of mind and an indomitable inner strength that expresses itself  through your character, physical being,  mentality and aura.  Ameen.

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