Eraser Dust

Processed with MOLDIV

My head is bent over the papers, intently studying the symmetry of every curve and line. My fingers, covered in gray soot from the lead, attempt to trace out imaginary designs against the dizzying background of blue squares, trying not to streak the paper with dust. I pick up the compass, it’s cold metal cooling my warm hand and set its point between the two x’s marked. Holding the tip ever so slightly, I twirl the lead tip creating a perfect semi circle.

Carefully I begin the slow task of cleaning up all of the extra marks and unfinished thoughts on my canvas. The murmur of the eraser scratching upon the table is a welcome tune to my ears. It signifies completion. I brush away the excess rubber off my page, and gently blow the small particles.

My teacher looks up to me from the manuscripts he was scrutinising  and turns towards my piece. Carefully taking in every mark fashioned by my amateur hand, through his wide, red rimmed glasses perched dangerously low on his nose, he murmurs in approval.

“You can start with the brushes next week.”

My heart flutters. Finally.

Alas, I could greet the blessed paints and brushes…run my fingers through the blood of the soul. Give birth to real flesh and life after toying with dry and brittle pencils and eraser dust. I could marry letters in vibrant harmony, grace them with elegance at the flick of my wrist. No more numbers and mathematical equations to be the dam behind which a river awaited to gush forth. Waiting to stain every paper with its tales, and allow its ink to seep into their depths.

No more sooty eraser dust.


Processed with MOLDIV

Kufic style of calligraphy

Processed with MOLDIV


Processed with MOLDIV

Five lines and my slant

Processed with MOLDIV

Emerging into a semblance of a language…and eraser dust

Processed with MOLDIV

Accenting the ه

Processed with MOLDIV

Accenting the rest of the letters

Processed with MOLDIV

Final sketch 🙂

{Above are some more pictures to give you the idea of the process behind this…}


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