Talking, reminiscing over whimsical happenings,

You happened to tilt your head up towards the sky,

Right at midday, noon,

The sun at its zenith.

The light shone into those magical openings, and I was absorbed into cosmic harmony,

Floating in the milky syrup of the expanses of your eyes, as their secrets were slowly revealed, from  behind their dull ‘brown’ cover,

Flecks of honey dance in the waves of your homecoming tide,

Pulled in by the force of your iris.

Swirling, swimming,

Painting fiery golden designs,

Upon a melted caramel canvas,

Like the dreamy constellations of the Archer and Girdle.

Orbs of amber courting with with the symphony of fire and earth,

Causing eclipses of moon eyed wonder.

Shiny flint clashing together,

Creating little sparks of yellow warmth,

While trails of pixie dust drift through.

Light rays emanating from your untamed blaze,

Exuding emotion from the kaleidoscope of your soul’s window,

Willing the gazer to feel.

Who said brown eyes were ordinary?

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