Leftovers of Love

I’ve grown up in a family where whatever you’re served at a meal, you eat. Be it gourmet steak, or burned toast and leftovers.

Never have I seen my father ever complain about the food my mother gave him. And he never once saw his father complain about the food his mother gave to him.

In this common tradition of humble respect and love between husband and wife, lays many gems mankind ought to gather. That effort, when reciprocated with gratitude, is oft doubled, and put in all the more lovingly.

To this day my grandfather thanks my grandmother for whatever she sets before him, and still together they do the dishes, him always drying, wiping them😊

Be overly sensitive and grateful to other people’s feelings and efforts. Appreciating the good in them is the best remedy for any upset along life’s bumpy road.

(I shall proceed to tantalise your tastebuds with some photos of the the foods we don’t ever complain about😜 Alhamdulillah for everything, especially baking and sugar🙏🏻)

Processed with MOLDIV

Mama’s infamous sweet potato casserole


My apricot tarts


Homemade donuts from one of our dearest neighbors


My cupeeecakes


A hummus collab (Mama=hummus, Aunt & I= Decor)

8 thoughts on “Leftovers of Love

  1. What a thoughtful and beautiful piece, MSA – Without realizing it – it is sooo true and your TATA always thanks me for the food I cook – he started doing that then he was in first grade !!!

    I am hungry for your mama’s sweet potato dish – it is sooo yummy !!!

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