Processed with MOLDIVFrustration seized my head, causing my jaw to tighten. I held in the heat as it singed my brow, all the while pacing along the hallway. I couldn’t place a finger on my emotions, driving recklessly and wayward into the confinements of my self. I didn’t know whether I should break the seal on their vessel just yet…but I knew it would spill over soon enough.

I saw her walking through in all her gracefulness and warmth, and a choking lump formed in my throat. Her soft brown eyes searched mine, and a concerned look passed over her lovely face. I tried having a conversation but in the end I just sighed and began examining the embroidery on her shawl. When I looked up my eyes were brimming and just as the emotional glass inside overflowed so too did my eyes. Tears slipped down, tickling the bridge of my nose and getting absorbed into my veil. My shoulders were soon engulfed in the folds of her embrace, perfuming my body with the fragrances of jasmine and a maternal love. She lifted my head up and with her two thumbs wiped away my tears. Then walking side by side, with my hand in both of hers she led me down the hall, with her simple words of loving advice steadying my faltering step and guiding my fledgling wings that had torn after a first flight.

Today was one of those days.

When everything just gets to you.

I’m so grateful for the people who truly care for and love me, I don’t know how I could ever deserve your compassion…you all are a blessing.

(I remembered this Duaa tonight:

يا رجاءنا اذا غلقت الأبواب

Oh Hope, when all doors are closed, ىا فرجنا اذا قطعت الأسباب

Oh Solace, when all means are severed,

ىا غىاث المستغىثىن اغثنى

Oh Rescuer of those who call out for help, rescue me!

اىاك نعبد و اىاك نستعين

You alone do we enslave ourselves to, and you alone do we seek assistance from.)

6 thoughts on “Frustration

    • May Allah put ease and comfort in all your affairs💝 We all have those dips every now and then, and at those moments only the Creator of the heart can comfort its woes❤️ I really hope you are feeling better, inshaAllah…Sending a virtual hug your way🤗

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