Paths and A Thank You Note

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Gravel path

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Empty greenery

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Fence post

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Journeys, paths,

Choices, bends,

Laughter and tears.

In the frantic process of trying to get to places, meet deadlines, and accomplish goals we often forget to stop and feel ourselves. Stop and be present. Stop and have a moment to connect to yourself.

Stop and watch the way the shafts of sunlight glance a silvery fence,

Stop and listen to the crunch of dry leaves underfoot,

Stop and feel the numbing of your fingers in a chilly wind,

Stop and smell the scent of sharp zesty pine,

Stop and taste the warm spices of your tea,

Stop and take it all in.

Indeed in your reflection you will  find the most High.

(Three years ago, to date, I started writing on All In A Story without the slightest idea what direction I would go in. With a keyboard and inspiration, I let fly whatever came to mind, and you, dear reader were infinitely patient with whatever came your way. Honestly, I don’t write to please anyone, and it’s more of a therapy for me than anyone else. But when I began to notice that other people across the world, across the pond, in different hemispheres and some times in my own neighborhood were being touched and felt connected to feelings we shared, I was so grateful…So grateful that I could capture special moments of life with my words and share them in a beautiful story with you all.

So for that dear reader, thank you. Thank you for every piece you read, all the feedback you give, and just staying connected. I am truly grateful💖 May Allah shower you with His mercy and love, preserve you for your loved ones, grant you your wishes, ease your worries, steady your uncertainties, mend your wounds and clothe your hearts in silken garments of love, felicity, peace, tranquility and submission to Him.

Jazakum Allahu Khair Al Jazaa’❤️



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