Finally Whole


My hand is on the handle of the car door, just waiting for it to slow to a stop. But my anticipation can be bottled no longer and amidst shrieks and squeals from the backseat, I unlock the door. My shoe skids along the asphalt road as we ease to a halt. I rush out the door and sprint to the figure up ahead on the sidewalk, his arms wide open. I run straight into his engulfing bear hug that absorbs all the shock of me falling into him. The familiar scent of hard work, and ‘Itar in his shirt, suddenly mingle together with all the emotions of being away for so long, coaxing out a small cascade of happy tears. How I missed the feeling of his beard brushing on my head! It’s great to be independent and self relying when he’s gone, but I missed being able to fall into the security of his big footstep. I missed the excitement that rippled in the house when we heard his trademark knock at the door. And the early morning walks to prayer, FP. I missed his booming laugh that made all that heard it laugh, just because. And I could go on, but I just missed him.

Soon I’m hit with two little rockets behind me, and a third motherly one still, as we stand in an embrace of reunion, amidst roses and balloons, finally whole.

(See you soon, Tata❤️)

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