Warning! :Viewer Discretion Advised


….’the following content may upset or disturb some viewers’….

The excerpt of writing that I see placidly take over the screen before any video on Aleppo. It’s enraging.

Does the way the muddled crimson blood streaks against the backdrop of gray and dust,

the soft, ashy powder of crushed cinder rubble settles into the matted hair,

the limp, dust caked arms dangle from between the rail of the tailgate on the old pick up truck,

the harrowing, yet resilient screams of ‘God is Greater’ amidst the symphony of shelling in the near horizon,

the trickling streams of tears that plunge through the soot covered cheeks, on taut and wrinkled ones,

the bone chilling wails of prayer, between makeshift surgical operations, beseeching God’s might…of the oppressed against the oppressor and all those whose complacency allowed their torture,

the way the cracked, dry skin on the skinny elbow of a boy is quenched with the river of the rich ichor from the corpse of his sister, as he embraces her in deafening silence, filling all the crevices with immortal, gluttonous pain,

how the tear stained, dimpled finger of a son pointing to the other end of the road, covered in a thick, yellow-green fog, waiting to behold his father emerge from its smudgy, greedy grope, curls up when the man he clings to, yells more to himself than the child, “No, my son!! No more…Baba has gone to Paradise!”

how the jaw of the youth clenches clamping all possible passageways for the river of emotions to spill out, into the alleyways cold and cramped with ever lingering, nauseating scent of death, as he drags away worn rags of the backs of bodies,

the way the girls scavenge and tinker with the shiny, yellow-gray metal trinkets made from the blasted remnants of shrapnel in the piles of marble,

the vast eyes of a people with such a prodgidal extent of courage, rawness,strength, grit, reliance and faith in God,

scare you?

Cause you to feel the excruciating pangs of conscience strike with every piercing shriek and woeful moan? Is your mind too soft, state too fragile to be ruffled by such repulsive phenomenas, as fear and blood? With every trusting gaze and bloodied porcelain corpse does your eye aghast, wander, your hand reaching to hurriedly block the sight from your device?

Well, I suggest you withdraw. Yes, the following content should disturb and upset the viewer and should still be viewed. And as a result, acted upon.

(Oh Allah, help the oppressed, imprisoned, wounded and sick, hungry and innocent of your slaves—upon every inch of your lands and beneath every stretch of your heavens. Oh Allah, amongst those all are people who are fighting for You, so steady their marks when they may falter, their feet when the resounding echoes of the oppressor shake them, make firm their hearts upon your path, grant them clarity in times of uncertainty and ignorance, and equip with the strength of the lions of our past. As for us, Oh Allah, grant us the ability to assist them in whatever way possible. If you blessed us with wealth, allow us to give . If you blessed us with time, allow us to volunteer. If you blessed us with knowledge, allow us to spread it. If you blessed us with proximity to those in need, allow us to utilise every instance and opportunity. Oh Allah, allow us to be active in a time where venting, like this, is not followed up with any real change. And the heart felt emotions expressed in screen, hypocritically, do not match the insolent stubbornness, when practical avenues of help are brought forth. Oh Allah, satiate the tongues, fulfill the stomachs, bind the wounds, cool the eyes of the oppressed, and grant them eternal victory. Oh Allah, let not the eyes of the oppressor sleep with comfort, when the echoes of their shelling tear apart the hand of mother and daughter, and their ammunition snatch father and son. May they pay for their blood, in due pay. Oh Fire, be cool and sanctified for the people of Halab!)

يَا نَارُ كُونِي بَرْدَاً وسَلاماً على أهلِ حَلَبْ


*Links to some sites to keep up to date with on the ground news and ways to help, will be in the comments below.

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