Just Ask

Leaning back into the chair once again, I continued scribbling notes on my lovingly fingered blue notepad as the awards drawled on. Organizations of great merit, people of great actions, communities of great spirit…on and on.

I had managed to break the monotony of the announcements with some enthusiastic conversation with my neighbor in the chair to my right. She was a middle age woman, of Christian background, with perfectly peppered grey and white hair and pair of dark brown spectacles perched at the edge of her nose. We talked of books and travel, schooling and languages, diversity and tolerance, and of course how she wound about coming to this event celebrating Muslim achievement in the nation. She asked me about my background, and studies and everything in between; and I the same. And oh, how we became fast friends in that hour of conversation!

And round about the time I had turned my attention back to my notes and her, contemplatively back to the stage, I sensed her turning her head towards me. Then very gently she said, almost tentatively, “And one more thing, you seem like a very friendly person so may I ask, why do you wear that on your face?”.

And under that, I smiled, because it’s sincere curiosity like hers that makes the world go round. I really do appreciate, that instead of shy glances and awkward conversations, when people just genuinely ask. Because, I really would love to tell you why. And that’s exactly what I said❤️

5 thoughts on “Just Ask

  1. This was beautifully written! The ending tied the whole piece together amazingly! I enjoyed reading about your experience and definitely share your thoughts on the topic. Though I do get nervous at times when people do ask, for fear I might say the wrong thing..I do think it’s gives people a different perspective to view things from. Otherwise all they may know is all that the media negatively portrays, sadly. Thank you for sharing your words with us ^-^ I look forward to reading more from you. I’m so glad to have stumbled across your cute little blog!

    • Thank you so, so much! You know, reading your comment literally put a smile on my face 🙂 I’m really humbled to know that you read this and gave it so much thought. SubhanaAllah, that’s exactly and precisely why I want them to ask…sadly rhetoric and media have taken upon themselves the horrid task of dehumanizing us into labels and conformities that I’m afraid none of us would fit into. When you strike up conversation with people who don’t know much about your identity, it brings about such a human aspect to your existence. It’s much harder to applaud to racist statements from officials (and generally people of all types) about Muslims, particularly women, when you know them personally! As intricate, unique, complex, and beautifully raw Muslims and people ❤
      The beauty of this way of life is one that is too priceless to keep to ourselves…I'm so happy were thinking so eye to eye on this! It's always wonderful to share feelings with people who have similar day to day experiences 🙂 As for the getting nervous sometimes, I really feel you :0 It's a lot of pressure when you know your impression is a lasting and sometimes only one! May Allah keep us all strong and steadfast in His way, and lift any shortcomings from our speech and actions so we may be better emulators of this Deen, ya Rab
      And I'm so happy to have found your blog!<3 🙂 ❤

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