The flattery we bestow upon on another is given as though we regard one another as specimens of achieved perfection, epitomes. Fruits at an eternal peak of ripeness, flowers infinitely fixated in blooming glory…we forget whatever manifestation of good we behold is a process, not a product. A process of battle between petty whims and higher aspirations, between self and soul. A process that never fully abolishes the notion of evil inclinations, rather allows the will to oft preside over it with good. That’s what we see.

In your pursuit of appeasing someones lower self with flattery, perhaps in genuine honesty or not, remember not to undermine the struggles they have endured with their own self to achieve this stability…you suffer them a blow, the wound of which allows many an inkling of arrogance to seep through. You wouldn’t want your words to be the inflation of an ego tamed, and an abstinence broken. ~

A scholar once remarked, upon hearing a Hadith of the Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) regarding the dislike of praising a person to their face :

“….praise and commendation of a person (to their face) is disliked, for very rarely is the one who praises safe from a lie which he says whilst praising him, and very rarely is the one who is praised saved from the amazement which enters him.”


4 thoughts on “Process

  1. This really made me think…I’ve heard of something similar before but didn’t view it from that perspective before. Thank you for sharing this post, it was super informative ~

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