Ravaging Silence

Sometimes I had wished that everyone could voice their thoughts and feelings and let people know how they felt; but then I realized that the creation of some thoughts themselves are formed by what’s not said…not expressed.


7 thoughts on “Ravaging Silence

  1. True. Then the silence outside and that tangled mess inside gets too much and you break down. I wonder if tears are unvoiced thoughts? Converted from energy into mass?

    • Right…I really think they are. When an emotion surpasses all forms of standard communication, tears flow. Such an interesting thing…
      Thank you for reading😊

        • I haven’t been writing as much😬 Also I’ve been trying to wrap up the school year (when you’re homeschooling you got to do everything yourself😅) and there’s just been so many events and things happening, updating WordPress was so far down the line😭
          On another note, I wanted to ask you…what type of writing, or pieces would you like to see more of (like from what I used to do)? I’m curious to see what settles with readers most. What sparks them. Let me know inshaAllah!

          • Aww well I hope Allah puts ease in your affairs for you💕 good luck with that! And when you do wrap things up, and come back, we shall be glad to have you.
            Well… tbh anything that inspires you and comes from inside, it turns into this beautiful thing that… idk! Is just amazing!
            You are clever with words MashAllah. Just write whatever inspires you! Write from your heart! For me, I love all your posts😂

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