The Mission

This site should be a place where deep thinkers can get their imagination juices flowing. A place where “What if ?” surrounds them. Also where they can dig deep into their hearts and understand their connection with their Creator, Allah. Bring spirituality into their daily lives and be able to write with that new perspective in mind. Knowing there is a bigger picture. One question: Why are we placed here? One answer: To worship God.

It will glow in their stories and and they will be able to look at the World and it’s people through a different lens. One that is pure, innocent and not tinted. Let’s take a deep breath and plunge in  to the depths of the human we never realized existed…..YOU.


4 thoughts on “The Mission

    • It really is our essence of being…and I’m so happy to have found yours❤️ That means a lot coming from someone with writing like yours, thank you☺️🙏

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